Leaky Toilet Repair

Leaky faucets are bad, but leaky toilets are a lot worse.

When a faucet leaks, at least it (usually) leaks into your sink, flowing down the drain. But when a toilet leaks, it leaks onto the floor. It can get under your floorboards, cause drywall damage, and all sorts of other nightmares.

And if it leaks while you’re flushing it? Yikes.

If your toilet is flooding, leaking, clogged, cracked, running, or otherwise broken, contact Triton Plumbing. We can help.

Running Toilet Repair

Hey, is your toilet running? Well then, you better go catch it!
If your toilet won’t stop running, it can cost you hundreds of dollars a year.
“Jiggling the handle” might help sometimes, but you’re still using a toilet that doesn’t work properly.

If your toilet won’t stop running, it’s often caused by a problem with the flapper or flapper seat. But sometimes, a toilet will randomly start running on its own. This is something some plumbers like to call phantom flush. This is also usually caused by a problem with the flapper or flapper seat, but the problem is usually smaller.

That said, it’s still costing you money every day.

Contact Triton Plumbing to get your toilet to run only when it should.

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Flooding Toilet Repair

There are two places your toilet can flood from – the top, or the bottom.
If your toilet is flooding from the top, it’s a clogged toilet. More on that later.

But if your toilet is flooding from the bottom, it’s a different problem altogether.

Two of the most common problems here are from loose bolts or a damaged or worn out wax ring. Either way, the plumbers at Triton can help you figure this one out.

However, it sometimes looks like your toilet is leaking at the bottom but in reality, it’s coming from somewhere else entirely. That’s why it’s good to have a professional come take a look.

If your toilet is flooding, Triton Plumbing can help.

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Cracked Toilet Repair

Toilets seem pretty solid, and they are – after all, they’re designed to hold the weight of even the heaviest human beings while they do their business.

But believe it or not, they can sometimes crack, or shatter altogether.

How you managed to break your toilet is your business. But replacing it is ours.

Unfortunately, there’s just no real way to repair a cracked toilet. You’ll need to replace it altogether.

But don’t worry – when it comes to replacing cracked toilets, we’ve got your back.

Contact us to get a shiny new porcelain throne.

Clogged Toilet Repair

Ah, the classic. If your toilet is clogged, or if you’re finding it just isn’t flushing very well, there’s usually a simple – but frustrating – reason.

There are many different things that can clog your toilet, including hair, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, condoms, cat litter, and diapers. Just because you flush it down the toilet doesn’t mean it’s gone!

You may be able to help things with a plunger, but if you can’t, call us.

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